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Welcome to our temporary shop we've put together for you while the new Thyme Heal website is being built. Estimated time of completion mid-late July  UPDATE ETA August. In the meantime, feel free to purchase some of your favourite products here instead! 

  • Calendula Cream
    Calendula Cream 30g and 60g

    Special high-strength formula that speeds healing of skin and prevents and treats mild infections.
    NZ$ 21.20
  • Chickweed Cream
    Chickweed Cream 30g and 60g

    Fresh chickweed extracts combined with cooling soothing peppermint and lavender
    NZ$ 21.20
  • Cold Sore Balm
    Cold Sore Balm 15g
    This popular balm is recommended for cold sores and shingles. Includes lemon balm, licorice and potent essential oils.
    NZ$ 19.30
  • Comfrey Ointment
    Comfrey Ointment 30g

    Comfrey root and leaf has been used for centuries to treat strains, sprains, backache and broken bones.
    NZ$ 21.00
  • Phyto-estrogen Cream
    with Wild Yam
    NZ$ 28.50
  • Anti-inflammatory mixture
    Liquid extract 100ml
    Dose: 2.5ml three times a day
    NZ$ 34.50
  • Kawakawa Ointment
    Kawakawa ointment 30g
    NZ$ 21.00
  • Sports Injury Rub
    Available in 30g and 60g jars
    A powerful herbal healing rub for joint and muscle pain and inflammation.
    NZ$ 21.20
  • Indigestion Mix
    Liquid extract 100ml
    Dose: 2.5ml three times a day or as required.
    NZ$ 34.50