Wholefoods Handbook (New Edition)

Wholefoods Handbook (New Edition)
By Joanna Piekarski & Marsha Jones
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By Joanna Piekarski and Marsha Jones

This much loved little book has become a classic in New Zealand healthy kitchens with over 14,000 copies sold to date!

It is an A-Z dictionary of 270 healthy foods, from 'Acai' to 'Zentrofan Flour' and everything in between. Each food contains lots of practical and interesting information such as nutrition profiles, place/s of origin and  how to prepare. There are also black and white photos throughout which offer mouth watering inspiration! 

This book is really an excellent introduction to healthy foods for the newbie, but equally it contains so much 'new' information that even experienced healthy 'foodies' will find it a great read and a useful addition to the kitchen library.  

The Wholefoods Handbook is sold by a charitable trust to support community groups and initiatives and organic and environmental organisations and projects.