Weeds Heal: A Working Herbal

Weeds Heal: A Working Herbal
By Herbal Medicine Practitioner - Isla Burgess
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Weeds Heal A working herbal

by Isla Burgess

128 pages

First published 1998, now in its 4th printing

Shipping available to New Zealand and Australia only. 

'Weeds Heal' is intended as a practical guide to understanding plant language. Isla guides the reader step by step, sharing an understanding of herbal medicine from a holistic perspective that is practical and empowering.

The book contains full page professional colour plates of the herbs discussed from photographer Barry O'Brien. Delightful botanical hand drawings from artist Chrise a Tao accompany the text throughout. 

Weeds Heal is a stunningly beautiful herbal classic. It makes a treasured gift for someone special. 

 "It is the way I introduce an intimate understanding of the plants to the students I teach and there is no doubt that it changes the way people view the plant world. It allows the unfolding of a sense of wonder, of mystery, of logic, of awareness and of the interconnectedness of all things." 
- Isla Burgess 
"The over-commercialisation of plant medicine has in many ways done a great disservice to holistic herbal medicine, with people taking 'natural' pills for 'this' or 'that' without any prior knowledge of the plant and no knowledge of where it comes from. Many of these plants in their natural habitat are now at risk or endangered due to over-harvesting. 
Weeds Heal offers an antidote to this by encouraging the reader to get to know the plants that grow around them in abundance. This brings healing through greater awareness of the natural world, and resolves some of the the larger disconnect from Nature that is affecting modern society."

- Mary Allan, Herbal Medicine Practitioner, NZ


"This is one of our favorite books. This book is unique in that it offers a skill. Isla unveils a process which invites the reader to connect with their senses in order to explore how plants can be applied for food and medicine. This process is empowering and can be applied by herbalists as well as those seeking to develop a survival skill. This is a paperback, with a workbook section and amazing photographs of plants under the microscope."

- Linda Conroy, Moonwise Herbs, Wisconsin, USA

128 pages


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