About the Clinic

Solstice Clinic of Natural Therapies is a place of healing, herbal and holistic medicine. 

The clinic principles are set firmly on the foundations of traditional wisdom, common sense and good science and are designed to warmly welcome people from all walks of life. 

We are delighted to have some incredible practitioners here to assist you on your health journey, learn more about them and how to get in touch here. 

We also have visiting practitioners hiring our rooms, including some healers and healthcare practitioners from the Peoples Health Alliance (PHA) (North Shore). You can visit here to learn more about them and their community initiative. 


"Medicine is not only a science and an art: it is also a mode of looking ...with a compassionate objectivity."

Owsei Temkin

Our Approach

A warm and welcoming relaxed atmosphere where you can feel comfortable is pivotal to creating a safe space for transformation. With that in mind we work hard to create a little haven for you away from the stresses of the world, a place where you have the space to grow, heal and transform at your own pace, as a gentle, conscious approach is nurtured. We have many different natural medicines available such as herbal tinctures, teas, flower essences and topical remedies, all of which are carefully selected for you. You may also like to learn some very helpful practices to support increased awareness removing obstacles to healing. 

How to Book an Appointment

If you have decided you would like to book an appointment with us, simply contact us through our booking page and we will get back to you as fast as we can.

Fees & Payment

Each practitioner has their own pricing, please ask them directly or visit their individual page for more info. 

Solstice Clinic Payment options - Cash, internet banking, eftpos

Consultation - Payment for the consultation is made the day of your appointment unless arranged otherwise with your practitioner.

Products - Solstice can dispense you a herbal formula from a range of herbal medicines carried on site.

Medicines are made on the spot during an in-person consult, or picked up or couriered directly to your home.

For Herbalists and Naturopaths, repeat formula's can be couriered out as required or pickup arranged. (Subject to suitability depending on the herbs or treatment being used).  

IMPORTANT: In respect of other patients, if you have cold or flu-like symptoms, please notify me asap as we may need to reschedule your appointment, or alternatively, schedule a Telehealth or phone consultation.