Welcome! My name is Mary Allan, I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and I practice from a home based clinic, the Solstice Clinic of Natural Therapies,  in Browns Bay, Auckland, New Zealand. My practice and philosophy stems from traditional wisdom, common sense and good science. 

Appointments are informal, comfortable and client-centred with a clinical focus. I offer a range of very effective healing modalities and depending on your situation and goals we can use one or a combination of them:


Client Feedback

"I just wanted to say Thank you Mary, I have been taking the herbs and feel so much better, they started working the day u gave them to me! Yay!"  - Louise, Auckland

"Mary's consultation was very informative and reassuring.  She provides very good explanations of medical terminology and provides a relaxed environment.  Mary is down-to-earth, friendly and knowledgeable in her role as a health practitioner."  -  Nick, Auckland 

"...Thank you, I've been bragging to my girlfriend about how amazing you are and how much better I am feeling in so many ways!" (with smiley faces) - Annette, Auckland

"I can't express how grateful I am for your absolute professional loving care throughout this health issue. Thank you." (with prayer & flower emoji's) - Fiona, Whangaparaeoa Peninsula

"I just wanted to let you know that the Ginseng mix is amazing and I am noticing the difference right away. Also the Eye drops and Blackcurrant are helping my eyes immediately- such a relief..."  -  Vicky, Great Barrier Island 

"Mary is the first person I have found in the 12 years I have been in NZ who really knows her stuff and was able to help me now that my herbalist in the UK is retiring. She has great listening skills and knowledge and is able to think outside the box to problem solve. Nothing was too much trouble for her and I highly recommend her!" - Keely, Auckland

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