Mary Allan - Clinical Director, Holistic Health Practitioner

BNM, Dip. CHM, Dip.YogT, RH (AHG)
Specialties: Medical Herbalist | Hypnotherapy | Yoga Therapy | Nutrition/Naturopathy

Mary is a skilled, compassionate holistic health practitioner who has been working in the profession for decades. She has a multi-dimensional presence, bringing in the many threads of training and experience she has gained over that time. Work with Mary to overcome your health challenges and fulfill your potential. Remember Source, self and Nature's healing herbs as a prime expression of life and healing. 

Mary works primarily with medicinal plants, nutrition and breathwork. If you are ready to dive deeper she can guide you through clinical hypnosis and yoga therapy. She also runs popular workshops and classes on how to grow, make and take medicinal herbs.


Amanda Cowlrick  - Homeopath

RCHom; Director/Holistic Healer at Replenish Healing
After seeing how positive well-being and good health in individuals had a flow-on effect within their careers and businesses, Amanda Cowlrick transitioned from her career in administration finance to holistic healing.  

Amanda specialises in Homeopathy (Acute and Chronic), Reiki and Atua Healing. Homeopathy is a gentle way to help rebalance your Health. Homeopathy uses remedies in minute doses, with the least amount of dosage to support wellness in a person in a holistic way - taking in the mental, emotional and physical. 

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Te rangimarie me te waiora (Peace and well-being) 

Michelle Irving - Naturopath

Reg. Naturopath, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master 
I believe that our body is amazing and when given the right tools it can bounce back from many ills.  We’re not always perfect, we don’t always eat well, sleep well, exercise as much as we should ...and then there are curveballs in our life which may create stress for which we need to practice resilience and tenacity.

Sometimes we just need a helping hand with old, outdated thoughts in our unconscious mind and this is where Hypnosis can support more positive thinking to avoid further self-sabotage, or Reiki and nutritional support can help us become stronger and more resilient.

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Katie Taylor - Naturopath and Medical Herbalist

Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Childrens health

Katie is a qualified Naturopath and Medical Herbalist who has worked in the natural health industry for many years. She specialises in child and family health and is a mum to three young children. Katie previously worked as a Speech and Language Therapist at the Child Development Team and in a Special school, helping children with communication and feeding issues. She is passionate about finding natural health solutions that suit the whole family.

Katie recently completed a Certificate in Horticulture and is presently studying Organic primary production. She  encourages families to grow their own food and medicine and is available for home visits to offer horticulture support and advice.

In her spare time she enjoys doing pilates, zumba dance and bush walking.

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