Mentoring is a powerful and effective way to support the profession and involves an experienced person offering guidance and support to others on the path. The intention is to help students and practitioners to fulfil their potential. Each year Mary takes on a limited number of mentorees, these can be final year students as well as new graduates or experienced practitioners wishing to learn new skills and receive support in particular areas where they would like to grow. In particular, Mary has developed unique ways of practicing herbal medicine which embrace an authentic, natural and effective multi-pronged approach which her clients love.  

Area's of expertise include: 
  • helping you develop confidence, 
  • authenticity and success with individualised support and coaching
  • developing and sharing resources & systems to use in a clinical setting
  • wildcrafting and foraging
  • medicinal herbs from garden to dispensary
  • advanced herbal medicine making
  • working with a holistic approach
Who can apply? 
  • final year herbal medicine students
  • new graduates
  • qualified practitioners looking for personal and clinical growth
If you would like to apply for mentoring with Mary or would like to know more, send her an email.