Booking an Appointment

The best way to make an appointment is to email or text me and we'll arrange an appointment time for you. 

All appointments listed below are either by phone or online using the Zoom platform (a very simple platform similar to Skype). When you're ready to make an enquiry or a booking, simply go to my Book Now page and send me a message, from there we can work out a suitable time. 

Fees & Payment

Payment for the consultation is made the day you come in. 

We have all payment options available: cash, internet banking, cheque, cryptocurrency BTC, ETH.


Initial consultation (approx. 1 - 1.5 hours incl. dispensing) $95

Follow ups:

Follow up consultation (approx. 45 mins): $65

Short follow up (up to 30 mins): $45

Online or phone consultations

We are pleased to be able to offer you online or phone consultations should exceptional circumstances arise that require this:

Follow up online consultation: $65

Short online follow up: $45


All prices below include massage oils, waxes, essential oils, medicated herbal oils or powders as is indicated for each patient.

Therapeutic Relaxation or Sports Massage 45 mins (allow 1 hour) $65

Abhyanga Massage 45 mins (allow 1 hour) $65 

Chakra Massage 45 mins (includes sandalwood powder) $65


The costs of medicines vary depending on what a patient needs to obtain the best results. I always work with patients to find solutions that work best for them. It is important to me that my clients/patients feel good about taking their herbs, this comes through good communication, tastings, having fun and most importantly understanding the benefits and seeing results. 

Here are some price guidelines to give you a bit of an idea of costs. I have put in brackets how long that medicine might last in a typical scenario, but depending on your unique health picture, it is possible the medicine listed will last a lot longer, or sometimes less time in the case of an acute presentation when a higher dose is needed to be effective. 

Herbal Tinctures

500 ml (5 weeks) - $105.00

200 ml (2 weeks) - $45.00

100 ml (1 week) - $25.00

50 ml dropper bottle (3 weeks for drop doses) - $15.00

Organic Herbal Teas

100 - 120 g (1 - 2 weeks) - $16.00

200 g refills - $30.00

Herbal Powders

Range including Ashwagandha, Slippery Elm, Psyllium from $12.00 - $35.00.