Fees & Payments

Consultation Fees

Prices are the same no matter which treatments we select for you. Note that cost of herbs or supplements is additional to consultation fees.

Gold Card Holders receive a 10% discount off all consultation fees and most medicines. 

When booking your appointment please allow enough time after your appointment for making up your prescription. Taking time out of a busy schedule to relax and have medicine handmade for you is a wonderful experience anyway and many find it therapeutic! If you are pushed for time you can pop in later to pick it up no problem at all. 

Initial Consultations

Adult (60-90 minutes): $150

This option is the usual choice for a first appointment with me. It is detailed, and gives you time for a thorough treatment. It may be for any of the various healing techniques offered, e.g. herbal medicine, naturopathy, hypnotherapy, yoga therapy etc. Let me know if there is something specific you would like to book in for so I can prepare accordingly. Allow a full 90 minutes if we're making herbal remedies for you as this takes time. 

Express (45 minutes): $85

This option is for adults who just need a quick check-in for one health issue, or are on a budget but still want to get started on improving their health, or busy people who can't take more time out.  

Child under 12 (45 minutes): $65

Follow up visits

Once you've had an initial consultation, we'll book you in for a follow-up 1-4 weeks later - this is to check your progress, update or implement the next phase of your treatment plan. Depending on your requirements, you may continue to come back for regular visits for as long as you need.

Usual follow up (45 minutes): $65 

Short follow up (20 - 30 minutes): $45

Long follow up of (60-90 minutes): $120

Child under 12 (20-30 minutes): $45

Herbal Medicines

Here are some price guidelines to give you a bit of an idea of costs, please note these are my patient rates which are slightly cheaper than standard retail. Although these are standard prices, occasionally the price will fall outside these general guidelines depending on the herb/s used. 

Most tinctures are costed at $10.00 per 50 ml, plus a $5.00 dispensing fee thus giving the total cost listed below. 

Herbal Tinctures

Displayed in brackets is how long a herbal tincture or extract bottle might last in a textbook scenario, but of course real life is far more undefined and depending on your unique health picture, it is possible the medicine listed will last longer. Sometimes, especially in acute cases, a higher dose will be recommended for maximum effectiveness. 

500 ml (5 weeks) - $105.00

300 ml (3 weeks) - $65.00

200 ml (2 weeks) - $45.00

100 ml (1 week) - $25.00

50 ml dropper bottle (3 weeks for drop doses) - $15.00

Organic Herbal Teas

100 - 120 g - $16.00

200 g refills - $30.00

350 g refills - $49.00

Herbal Powders

Prices vary depending on the herb, but generally from $12.00 - $35.00 per 100g. Range includes Ashwagandha, Slippery Elm, Psyllium, Burdock root, Licorice root, Green Clay and more. 

Flower Essences

Bach Flower & Australian Bush Flower Essences $15.00 - $20.00 

Nutritional Supplements

These are ordered in as needed and are priced according to recommended retail guidelines from the distributor or manufacturer. 

Clinic Payment Methods

  • Cash 
  • Internet banking

Payment for the consultation and medicines is made the day of your appointment unless otherwise arranged.

For repeat prescriptions or other products you will be invoiced accordingly. Orders can be either couriered directly out to you or if you prefer you can arrange to pick them up.