A Women's Health and Wellbeing Kete: Volume II

A Women's Health and Wellbeing Kete: Volume II
By Herbal Medicine Practitioners - Isla Burgess & Mary Allan
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Note: This book is companion to A Women's Health & Wellbeing Kete - A DIY Guide. Purchase both books together and automatically receive a $7.50 discount at the checkout. 

A Women's Health & Wellbeing Kete: Volume II

By Isla Burgess & Mary Allan

132 pages

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A knowledge basket is by its nature an offering for all

This book is a wonderful herbal medicine guide especially for women. Contents include:

  • Unique plant profiles with photos,
  • Comprehensive guidance and thoughtful considerations regarding medicinal plants,
  • Relevant scientific understanding and
  • Nutritional and herbal help for women of all ages and stages in their life.

It is companion to Volume I, these two books go together beautifully and make a wonderful gift! 

“It feels you have revolutionised plant fact-sheets by creating a ‘fact-sense-sheet’. It opens up more curiosity rather than providing concrete, fixed answers. Fantastic!”
Roland Playle
Àiteas, A Delicate Empiricism: belonging and the Natural World

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