A Herb Book From Nature: for children to use

A Herb Book From Nature: for children to use
By Herbal Medicine Practitioner Rixt Botello
Illustrated by Martin Burge
NZ$ 25.00
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The book is fully bound and 47 pages long.
This is an informative and interactive herb book for children to learn about some common
healing plants. It includes some of their history and uses, with activities, stories and recipes to
enjoy. It is beautifully illustrated and user friendly for both young and old.
It contains:

  • wonderfully illustrated, step by step info on growing from seeds and
  • cuttings, gathering and drying herbs.
  • simple descriptions, history and uses of five common herbs used worldwide
  • a conservation message and vision.
  • illustrated recipes such as making a simple ointment, cough mix, healing oil
  • and more…..

The book is written with the intent to be used worldwide and is both in metric and imperial for
ages 8 to 80 years and younger with guidance.