• Delicious Seed Crackers
    You will love this cracker recipe! It is delicious and you can use different herbs and spices to keep flavours interesting. They are a great snack with hummus, avocado or tahini and go amazingly well with salad. Healthy seed snacks keeps you away from snacking on gluten and the inclusion of psyllium provides an appreci
    Posted: Wednesday 8 January 2020
  • Which Magnesium is best for you?
     A while ago I was out at dinner with friends and we had a great conversation about the wonders of magnesium – so much so we ended up nick-naming it magic-nesium! From everything to providing light and colour to pyrotechnics to feeding your garden to managing anxiety, migraines, headaches and muscle cramps, this minera
    Posted: Sunday 1 December 2019