Delicious Seed Crackers

Delicious Seed Crackers

Delicious Seed Crackers

You will love this cracker recipe! It is delicious and you can use different herbs and spices to keep flavours interesting. They are a great snack with hummus, avocado or tahini and go amazingly well with salad. Healthy seed snacks keeps you away from snacking on gluten and the inclusion of psyllium provides an appreciable amount of fibre which helps to keep you regular.
You can make as is, or add spices such as cumin seed to the mix. In the colder months I like to sprinkle cayenne pepper on the outside before baking. So delicious! This makes two trays of crackers. 

100g pumpkin seeds
100g sunflower
50g sesame
50g chia
60g whole linseed
3 tblsp psyllium
400ml water
1 tsp natural sea salt or Himalayan salt

Mix all together and stand for 10 minutes
Spread thinly on trays with baking paper.
Place in oven at 150 C
After about 45 mins, remove from oven, using a large sharp knife, cut into cracker shapes, they work well as large crackers so they can take a decent amount of topping ;)
Return to oven for another 15 mins. Sometimes if the bottoms are a little damp, I'll carefully flip them over and return to the oven until they're dry and crispy.

Optional Extras for added flavour and nourishment:
Chilli or Cayenne powder
Onion Powder 1-2 tsp
Fennel, cumin and/or coriander seed


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Posted: Wednesday 8 January 2020